Believing in giving you the best choices

Finding the right groomer and Groom for you cat is important to us.

We Believe giving your cat the best care, products and experience is a really big part of grooming at samco pet spa  

Sleeping Kitten

Wet Bath

2 warm wet washes, an all over body massage, hand dry and a groom through removing all that old hair and debris from the coat.

Bath and drying every 4-8 weeks dramatically improves the condition of your cat’s coat and reducing the need for intensive grooming at home.

  • Leave in conditioning treatment

  • Using only natural based products

  • Degreasing the coat

Dry Bath

We use a dry bath on cats who need to be cleaned but cannot have a wet bath. We reserve the right to decide which bath is most suited to the cat on the day as other contributing factors may apply, such as health or temperament.

Please see Additional Services for:

Flea baths and Intensive conditioning and de-matting

Please note that bathing is not included in any of the cat grooming services (apart from the bath and dry) and is an addition fee

Bathing can only be carried out on compliant cats

To book your cat in for a Wet and Dry Bath.





Cat Groom Out

Its amazing how much you can groom out of a cat, de-shedding your cat helps them to regulate their temperature, keep their natural oils moving within the coat and skin, and prevents hair from clogging up causing irritation, matting, or hot spots. 

Useful Information

  • We recommend to resist any cutting of the coat if possible as not only does it spoil the natural beauty of the cat but it causes the hair to grow back thicker and longer, and sometimes can stunt the regrowth!

  • Matted hair is uncomfortable for a cat and needs to be clipped from the cat by a professional

  • Never use scissors on a cat, their skin is extremely loose and thin and can be cut easily

  • If left mats will restrict movement of the cat and tear the hair out of the skin

  • Once matting is removed damaged skin is often uncovered where hair has been pulled out.

  • After matt removal please discuss with our groomer a future grooming plan to avoid further matting.

  • Regular grooming avoids matting, keeps the skin healthy and makes cats happy.





Cat Panel & Sanitary Trim

These techniques are a great way to maintain a semi long haired or long haired coat. Especially if your cat is prone to matting underneath or is sensitive to grooming in this area.

Panel Trim – Clipping from under the arms down the soft belly and groin area

Sanitary trim – Clipping around the groin area, genitals, bottom and tail base

The cost will depend on the severity of the matting and the temperament of the cat.

With both trims, the body is groomed out entirely.