All Spa Treatments 


We offer a variety of facials which help relax your pet, cleanse the fur and skin, cleans 95% of germs within their face and beard leaving a brighter healthier face.  


Mud Spa

We Offer a variety of mud spa's from mud wraps to de-sheds, to skin calming and nourishing treatments. 


Foot spa

We offer Foot spa relaxing treatments with nails filed and a nourishing balm applied. 

H20 - shower spa 

For dogs with sore or sensitive skin to help with allergies and scratching to relieve irritation and inflammation. 


spa wash

We offer a variety of spa washes catering for each dogs requirements such as blueberry, aromatherapy, Evening primrose, super soothing, super sensitive and many more  


Day care 

We offer daycare for your pets 7.30am - 6.00pm fully licensed and insured


Home Boarding

We offer Home boarding with a home to home touch catering for all breeds, and medical problems. Fully licenced and insured. 

Emmi pet teeth cleaning 

Airwave teeth cleaning to remove tarter and give your pet healthy gums.