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International certified advanced professional groomer

Level 2 books and training has arrived exam booked for January 31st 2021

About what I am learning

Welcome to ICMG UK

Welcome to ICMG UK. Dog grooming is our passion and IPG  is an International Association created to educate, certify and accredit Professional Pet Groomers. Groomers  with active membership, in good standing and who complete annual continuing education and follow the "IPG Code of Ethics," maintain their certifications and educational endorsements. ICMG UK is the awarding body for a range of dog grooming qualifications .

We work closely with other organisations and promote good practice within the dog grooming industry.


IPG - International Certified Groomer

CAPG -Certified Advanced Professional Groomer

ICMG - International Certified Master Groomer

Code of Ethics As a member in good standing of IPG, I promise to: Treat humanely all animals entrusted in my care, and place their welfare above all else. Exhibit compassion and integrity when dealing with these pets, ensuring their safety and health. Report any injury occurring to an animal in your care to the owner immediately. Exhibit a proper professional attitude and demeanour at all times. Promote harmony among my peers by encouraging professionalism and continuing education. Advertise and sell the merits of my services while refraining from attacking competitors or reflecting unfairly on their services, methods of doing business, or their personal life. This includes negative posting on any social networking. Honour the spirit of IPG, Inc. and to continually strive to gain respect for the industry by promoting professionalism in the field of pet grooming. Work toward the highest standards in pet styling, stay current with industry trends and continue to improve my capabilities as a professional pet groomer with higher education. Be honest, fair, and responsible in all business transactions and abide by all laws affecting my business and profession. Encourage responsible pet ownership and promote the importance of professional pet care. Use my certification titles and IPG logos only as allowed and approved by IPG

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