Hello I am Cheryl Boulton and I am 39 years old 

I am the founder of Samco pet spa Ltd 

My role at Samco pet spa is to ensure we provide a happy relaxed service for your dogs, you and us. 

I do this by ensuring we are trained to a very high standard in not only dog grooming but also other aspects such as pet first aid, dog behavior, and dog training. 

we work closely with every animal and the customer to ensure we can maintain our high standard. 

I am qualified in

Small animal grooming 

OCN LEVEL 3 dog grooming 

I am also a certified international professional groomer 

I am also a certified advanced professional groomer 

I am about to become a level 3 cat groomer in the next 2 months 

I am also working towards my international certified master groomer this will take me around 3 years to complete.

I am also pet first aid qualified, and have many more certificates for courses and training I have attended. 

MY passion is dogs and all animals i am not shy to say I love all animals all shapes and sizes and worked in many different animal fields throughout my life. 

in my spare time I show and compete in grooming competitions I have my dog called jack who is my show cocker spaniel and a show standard poodle called woody. I also have a rescue dog called bubbles and 2 chihuahuas. I also own a rabbit called Jet and a marine fish tank. 

My ambition is to always push my self and be the best version of me that I can be and to provide a top standard service that goes beyond what would be expected. My passion is to give every animal and customer the best care and experience I can give.


Favorite part of my job are teddy cuts and Asian style grooming I love being the best at what I do and seeing customers faces when they see their dogs transformations.  

Hello my name is Kelsey Rowley I am 18 years old 

I am a fully trained dog groomer and about to pass my city and guilds. 

About myself  I am 18 years old and came to samco pet spa when I was 16 I have trained hard to become a high standard groomer who can groom all breeds of dogs offering a high standard of grooms and care. Dedicating my time and attention to detail to ensure every pet is cared individually.  

My passion is big dogs I love grooming large dogs although I love all animals. I am wanting to quality in the next 2 months and then I would like to continue my training, I have attended other grooming courses by other top groomers to ensure I can deliver a high standard groom to all dogs. 

I would like to become a cat groomer and small pet groomer in addition to a dog groomer and I am looking to start learning welsh in addition to my other training.   Working hard is something I thrive on and always want to be the best version of myself. 

I love animals and I also have a few myself I have 2 horses, and 2 dogs and a tropical fish tank. I show my cocker spaniel and am hoping to do dog grooming competitions in the near future.