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Simply fun facts 

Did you know dogs only sweat from their feet, that's why their feet can smell cheesy 

Did you know a domestic dog is a descendant of a wolf 

Did you knowa dogs scence of smell and hearing is about 40% better than ours. 

Did you know dogs can sniff and breath at the same time. 

Did you know dogs will shed their coat so that they can grow thicker or thinner hair depending on the temperature. 

Did you know a dogs coat will open and close from the skin too keep the dog warm or to cool the dog down. 





Did you know you don't have to be qualified to be a dog groomer in the UK. 





Did you know some dogs are so fast they can run faster than a cheetah. 







Did you know your pet could be left or right pawed like people are left or right handed. 




Did you know dogs have 18 muscles controlling just their ears. 




Did you know your dog is as smart as a 2 year old 







Did you know dogs recognize  time so can know the difference between 5 minutes and 5 hours. this is why they know when its dinner time and walkies and when your due home within a routine. 

Did you know dachshunds were originally bred to fight badgers. 

Did you know your dog can smell your feelings. 

Did you know dalmatians are born completely white with no spots. 

Did you know the eldest dog to live was bluey 29 years 5 months lived from 1910 -1939

Did you know three dogs survived the titanic 

Did you know when a dog goes to poop is carefully chooses the perfect place by being in alignment with the earths magnetic field. 

Did you know all puppies are born deaf 

Did you know a dog cools itself down by panting. 

Did you know chocolate and grapes are deadly to dogs 

Did you know a dogs nose print is unique just like a persons hand print. 

hope you enjoyed some of our happy facts 

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