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      Apply today we are taking on 15 new                  customers from February 2024 


we only take on 3, 4, 6,8 weekly   appointments unless your dog is stripped, or shedding, we also allow customers to wait for there dogs at our salon. 

Please do not apply if you are not wanting appointments that reflect the above. 

Thank you for visiting our website . Due to high demand we do not take on new clients very often, but you can apply today to be on our waiting list and when a client space becomes available we will contact you.


Once you complete the form we will invite you in for a consultation to discuss you're requirements and decide if we can accept your pet at our salon. 


This ensures we can work with you and you're pet to give them and you the best service and groom we can.

Please Familiarise yourself with our terms of service before you fill in a new customers application and ensure you are happy with our rules before you apply to be a new customer they are for your safety and ours. Terms of Service | | Wales

Client application form

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