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What is included in your dogs coat type 
& all about our spa 

Smooth short coat 


Oil salt scrub 

2 baths with de-shed hydrating  Natural shampoo 

Deep conditioning treatment 

Mud spa 

Blueberry facial 


foot balm  

Hand stripping 

Full Hand Stripped to breed standard 

2 Sensitive shampoos  

Blueberry Facial 


Stand Dry

Scissor work 

Clipper work 

Nails Files 

Fluffy breeds, drop coat, silk coat 


2 Natural Shampoos

Blueberry Facial 


Table Training 

Dry, Fluff Dry

Clipper work

Scissor work 

Nails Filed 

paws Balmed  

shedding mud spa 

Shedding mud is an ideal way to help your furry friends shed their loose coat, it works by hydrating the the skin and hair allowing the skin to release the hair more naturally, it is packed with essential oils and vitamin A which promotes enzyme activity in the skin helping it to regenerate which helps prevent excess shedding. 

this product is a natural mud with essential oils for all dogs. Works great in conjunction with the body scrub spa 

Double Coated 


2 De-shed Shampoos 

1 Deep Conditioner Treatment  

Blueberry Facial 

Coat Blasted Out 

Stand Dried 

Stripped and Scissored To Style 

Nails Filed

Feet Balmed 

2 members of staff 

Animal Ayurveda spa

Great spa treatment 

Animal Ayurveda is a 100 percent pure natural product that was researched and developed for pets based on the principle of the ancient traditional medicine Ayurveda.
The 100% natural Herb Pack is pet friendly product that keep pet’s health and beauty fully maintained.


  • This herb has the strongest power of Ayurveda herbs to cleanse body and blood.

  • It is safe for mammals but bad bugs like fleas and ticks hate it.

  • Medicine for skin disease, rash and zit.

  • It is utilized for soap, shampoo, toothpaste and moisturizer.



  • Conditioning effect for fur

  • Add volume and prevent tangles

  • Medicine for skin disease and Leprosy

  • Kill E.coil and staphylococcus aureus

  • Medicine for diabetes mellitus

  • Cure fatty lever caused by alcohol

  • Reduce cholesterol



  • Moisturize skin properly

  • Normarize levels of oil in skin

  • Reduce pain and fever

  • Prevent sunburn and skin trouble caused by it

  • Prevent bacteria from multiplying

  • Resist dermatophyte and pseudomonas aeruginosa

  • Boost metabolism and promote anti-aging

Our fine herb powder removes greasy dirt such as sebum and old keratin that cannot be removed with regular shampoo.
Our natural herb ingredients formula helps clean skin and reduce the growth of bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors and annoying stickiness.
It helps clean, repair and nourish skin, reducing unpleasant odors and stickiness, creating conditions that are less prone to skin problems.

Hair care

Our herb pack system protects and coats each strand of hair.
The results are supple, voluminous and detangled hair that prolongs your pet’s beauty well after a salon visit.

               Soothing Mud Spa


This soothing mud spa is created for dogs with dry itchy skin, It is packed with essential oils and vitamins to help the skin hydrate and replenish to releve  itching and dry flaky skin and hydrating the hair and skin. 

This product is all natural and filled with all the essential oils and vitamins to help relieve symptoms and leave your pet smelling amazing. 

works well in conjunction with the body scrub 

                  Dog Body Scrub 


 Dead sea salt and coconut oil and oatmeal body scrub for dogs. this helps relive itchy dry skin and great for removing dead coat in dogs and work well even better when used in conjunction with the mud spas. 

             Emmi Pet Teeth cleaning 


  • Superior Cleaning Power: The improved ultrasonic technology of the 2nd Generation emmi-pet Toothbrush ensures significantly better effectiveness in cleaning your pet's  teeth. Enjoy superior dental care and a healthier smile for your furry friend.

  • Gentle and Stress-Free: Say goodbye to uncomfortable scrubbing! The emmi-pet Toothbrush provides a gentle and vibrationless cleaning experience. Your pet will appreciate the soothing and stress-free brushing sessions.

  • Efficient and Time-Saving: With up to 96 million multifrequency oscillations per minute, the emmi-pet Toothbrush delivers rapid and precise cleaning. Achieve thorough plaque removal and maintain your pet's oral health in less time.

we are seen as hygienists which can help prevent tooth decay and keep healthy gums to keeping your pets teeth happy and healthy.  Your vet is your main dentist as they can take out bad and rotten teeth

 Deep intense coat repair

conditioning spa 

Promotes intense hydration reconstruction and keratin replacement while nourishing the coat and skin, reduces static and frizz it also contains organ oil rich in omega 6 and 9 and vitamin E which moisturises and restructures the coat improving the elasticity. 


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