Pet Spa Grooming


Our goal at Samco pet spa is to provide your dog with a quality grooming service in a safe and relaxing environment free from cages – and of course at great prices. We take the best possible care of your dog using  top of the range products in our unrivalled dog grooming salon. We are focused on animal welfare and customer satisfaction, as a consequence of this we will always endeavour to have only two dogs in the spa at any one time, appointments are allotted accordingly.


We offer a complete dog grooming service for all dogs whether big or small, pedigree or mixed breed. All dogs are groomed and looked after within a fully insured, calm and pet friendly environment. 


We have a modern, fully equipped dog grooming salon which has been designed to ensure the comfort and safety of all dogs.  

Full Grooms Include 

> Free Consultation 

>Table Training 

>Brush out

>All natural organic Shampoo  

>Deep condition and massage 

>Hair styled and sanitary trim

>Blow dry



>Ear Plucking and cleaning

>Deodorizing spa coat oil massage  

>Relaxation sofa room

>Fully cctv'd

finishing off with a snack and play time with your pet before your arrival.