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Deluxe grooming package 


 This package covers every aspect of your dogs grooming requirements within this groom your dog will receive 


A general health check is done, we then continue with table training in a Relaxed atmosphere, in a cage free facility, using all natural vegan shampoo, Deep conditioning,  Drying with protective hoodies for your dog care, followed by Fluff drying, straight drying, continued with Hand stripping Clipping Scissoring, Ear plucking were required Ear cleaning Nail filing or Nail clipping, Foot balm applied, Conditioning coat spray. 


We also pay attention to detail We shave and scissor pads preventing knots and dirt build up in between pads We scissor around the mouth preventing hair growing in the mouth causing teeth decay and help prevent bad smelling breath and hair staining We also do full health checks on every dog to ensure dogs don’t have lumps bumps or any abnormalities We have the knowledge and understanding of hair, skin replenishment and regrowth.

Within this package you will also receive Blueberry facial - sounds like a fad right wrong this helps break down bacteria in a dogs face and beard and helps remove some tear staining, this is important because unlike us we wash every day imagine we’re your dogs face has been and how long it’s not been washed for, eating their food, drinking water, playing in water, sniffing poo, wee, other dogs all that bacteria builds up in their face the scrub removes all of this leaving a healthy fresh face and skin.

within the package you will also receive Teeth cleaning — we believe teeth cleaning is just as important as your dogs groom, without care to their teeth they will get gum disease Which is the most common oral problem in dogs, which then causes tarter build up, bad breath and lead to tooth loss, infections and pain. We use a system called Emmi pet - an ultrasonic airwaves brush and paste working with the gums to bring blood back to the surface of the gums hardening the gums and helping break down tarter creating a all round healthy mouth preventing bad breath and tooth loss. However we do not replace your vet and are unable to do dogs who have tooth decay or need teeth removing we can only work with dogs to help make their mouth healthier and prevent this from happening.



Crazy Sunday Package



cheryl is a Highly qualified groomer in wales, who also competes in grooming competitions. ​

Our crazy sunday appointments are one to one with complete salon exclusivity where you are welcome to stay and watch the complete groom if you wish. asking questions and getting to know us personally 


You can relax with a Coffee, Gin & Tonic or  Glass of Prosecco while you wait and watch. To Book And For Pricing Please Call On 01745 585757

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