Pet Spa

Samco pet spa is a bespoke grooming spa offering top of the range equipment and facilities.  We are Level 3 fully qualified groomer and L3 pet first aider.  Fully licensed and insured. 


 We Offer all natural, organic, vegan cruelty free products, leaving your pet feeling calm, relaxed, nourished and refreshed.

we offer a full range of spa treatments such as blueberry facials, mud spas, foot spas, pedicures, day care, anal glands.   



Our Philosophy


We believe every dog is an individual and is cared for with their own holistic care package created by us just for your dog by a fully qualified OCN Level 3 groomer and pet first aider with lots of additional training displayed on the walls of the grooming spa for all customers to see. We are also registered and licenced with Denbighshire county council, and we are also on groomers spot light giving our customers peace of mind.


Offering table training, a cage free service. Pets are treated with compassion and respect at all times, offering a quality grooming service, a grooming time that suits your dogs requirements. Our salon was designed with your pets in mind creating a safe, calm and pet friendly environment, and ensuring we do not have more than two dogs in at a time to be groomed allowing each pet to be calm and relaxed throughout their spa experience. After their groom and awaiting for your arrival your pets will then experience a time of relaxation were they will have a sofa room with treats and a telly. All rooms are fully cctv'd to ensure the safety of every pet during their stay.  

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