Aiming high, Qualified OCN Level 3 2019

training included demonstrating proficiency in coat preparation. Bathing various coat types, drying appropriately per coat type and be able to demonstrate  a minimum of 10 different breeds in a minimum of 15 different styles.  Attending the grooming school to enable samco pet spa to provide grooming skills to a high standard and to sit the final assessment.

Subjects covered within this qualification included

  • Care for Customers

  • Health Checking a Dog by a Dog Groomer

  • Assess, Plan and Record Dog Grooming Work

  • Canine Level 3 First Aid

  • Carry Out Styling and Finishing of a Dog of different breeds

  • Promote and Maintain the Health and Well-Being of Animals

The qualification will demonstrate to an employer or the general public that you have the necessary technical skills and knowledge to successfully groom a variety of dogs.  This is a formal, regulated, nationally recognized qualification that will remain relevant throughout your career.

The OCN Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma qualification is nationally accredited and well respected within the industry.

It has been designed specifically for those looking to become professional dog groomers or those who already groom dogs but do not currently hold a nationally recognized qualification.  For experienced groomers.

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