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Training with Mathew Spry 2021

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Samco pet spa is excited to announce I am doing city and guilds level 3 cat grooming, booked in south wales with mathew spry to become a professional cat groomer we will be opening a cat grooming room in 2021 in samco pet spa.

This course will allow me to have a higher set of skills providing all my customers with the highest standard of care and grooms. this will be the only bespoke cat grooming salon in north wales.

This is an amazing exciting opportunity for me as it means that I can groom all your pets that I love so much and will give you, an amazing trusting place to bring them.

Mathew spry is International award winner and has also won many awards for his salon, I will be trained by a top professional. I met mathew when he came down to do a seminar for all the groomers within north wales and england at my pet spa. He has been an inspiration to me because he is so specialised in his field of work and I aspire to be the best groomer within north wales.

This course is designed for dog groomers or those competent in feline handling

Learning different breeds, coat types and temperaments

covering :

  • prepare for bathing, groom and finish each cat

  • Follow the correct procedures in relation to each cats condition, requirements and temperament

  • Prepare/de-mat and groom cat prior to bathing

  • Bathe and clean cats, dry cats and prepare their coats for styling

  • Basic Styling of a cats coat

  • Lion trim/coat removal

  • Equipment used for grooming and how to clean and maintain it

  • Handling and control

  • Written paper work and assessments


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