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Emmi pet teeth cleaning

Why is dental care so important for dogs?

Dogs have an impressive set of teeth, which is equally suitable for grasping and holding as well as for tearing and cutting individual pieces of meat. For this reason, the set of teeth of the dog is vital to survival. Even if the domesticated dog is no longer in need for hunting for food. However, veterinarians point out that 80 percent of all dogs over the age of three require dental or gum treatment. The diagnosis here is tartar, gingivitis and periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss. A scheduled dental care is the best to keep dog teeth healthy. It is important to start with an animal-friendly care before the dog suffers from dental problems. Preferable as a puppy.

What causes tartar and gingivitis on dog teeth?

Dental problems for dogs and humans are similar. Plaque can form on the teeth. After food intake, food remains in the mouth of the dogs, providing an optimal breeding ground for harmful bacteria. If this plaque is not removed by a comprehensive canine dental care, the plaque solidifies gradually by the interaction with individual salivary constituents to tartar. Painful gingivitis and periodontitis can develop as a result. If the dog smells unpleasantly from the mouth or denies the food, the causes are usually to be found in dental diseases. Once tartar has formed in the dog, it can only be removed by veterinarian and anesthesia will be necessary for it.

Prevent health risks with the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush

Tartar is an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria that cause inflammation of the gums if you do not remove the calculus. It can even lead to gum decline, which in the worst case leads to the loss of teeth. It's best to avoid tartar by regularly cleaning the teeth with the emmi®-pet ultrasonic dog toothbrush. This promises a gentle and effective dental care for your dog, so that periodontitis, mouth odor or chronic buccal disease are specifically prevented. The patented technology also prevents gingivitis. Discover now the advantages of an ultrasonic tooth cleaning for your four-legged friend at samco pet spa.

Tartar control with ultrasound

The most gentle and at the same time deeply effective brushing method for the dog is the ultrasonic toothbrush, which looks like an electric toothbrush, but is completely silent and tolerated even by sensitive animals. Without mechanical brushing, you simply hold this toothbrush to your teeth and can remove tartar from the dog by applying ultrasound. At the same time, it avoids the dangerous periodontitis. Emmi®-pet offers you an innovative and animal-friendly ultrasound technology, which specifically promotes the oral hygiene of your animal and prevents tartar as well.

We Offer emmi pet sessions at samco pet spa please ask us for more details, we also have leaflets available for you to collect and read through for more information.

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